Little Drops

Christian Care, Love, and Compassion For The "Unwanted"




Little Drops is a small orphanage in Paranipathur, South India. They function as a hospice and permanent home for the “unwanted”.  DUMC member Cynthia Howie has been involved with Little Drops for over 3 ½ years. Donations have built a Hospice unit, Rehoboth Compound for the mentally challenged and the newest addition- the Palliative Care Clinic.   Its residents consist of indigent senior citizens, homeless mentally ill individuals, and children who participate in their small school called Little Angels.  This facility receives no outside funding from Government Agencies and is solely dependant on contributions.


Throughout the past several years Cynthia has visited India multiple times taking donations and supplies. Contributions have purchased sewing machines, ducks, cows, chickens, fencing, kitchen utensils, a truck, medical supplies, gates, and new walls for their kitchens.


One hundred percent of all donations go straight to Little Drops to fund the never ending list of projects. Currently Little Drops houses over 250 senior citizens and 60 mentally challenged individuals. In addition Little Angels has approximately 500 students (ages 4-10).   The senior citizens and mentally challenged persons who reside at Little Drops are feed 3 meals a day with tea and coffee.  These seniors will reside there until they die.  In addition the children are fed lunch and breakfast.



For additional information about Little Drops please contact Cynthia Howie at 410-562-0880 or via .