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Several common (and free) browser add-ins are required to fully enjoy the entirety of the content used in this website.  While most internet surfers will already have these installed this page offers links to all of them.  If you are experiencing trouble with content on this site make sure you have all of these add-ins installed before you contact technical support.

Adobe Acrobat(tm) Reader (to view PDF formatted documents)
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Adobe Flash Player(tm) (to access Flash format video/audio/animations/photo galleries)
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Microsoft Office Web Components(tm) (to access published charts, spreadsheets, databases and more)
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A Note On Alternative Browsers

This website is designed for use with the standard internet browser from Microsoft; Internet Explorer versions 4 through 8.  Some of the content may not work with Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, or other alternative browsers other than Internet Explorer (this INCLUDES beta versions of Internet Explorer) - refer to your product documentation for help with plug-ins or other technical support for alternative browsers.  The webmaster does not offer any technical support for alternative browsers and assumes that if you are using one of those alternative browsers that you are also assuming the responsibility of troubleshooting making it work with industry standard internet media.